Silent Bard (treehugger) 2018

For the performance event Echoes of Shamanism at Zone2Source in the Amstelpark (Amsterdam), I put together a small installation indoors, gave an Artist Talk and performed a treehugging-work outside of the venue. On this page you can find the photos and a video-registration of this work. What is seen is a neo-druid caressing the labia of a conifer, holding and investigating branches and leaves. He sends gratitude and acknowledgment to the natural elements. One lucky child who was present exclaimed: 'He is singing also!' - otherwise the performance was done in utmost silence, referencing to a wordless space that gives voice to things that can't be accessed by words. Silence as the inability to answer the deepening wound that our environment is currently sustaining, honoring a moment in time where humanity does not have clarity of conduct. In a culture that lost access to its Oral Cultures, lost its Pagan roots and saw its earthly magic eradicated, SILENCE lets the wind in to circle over feelings, soothe thoughts and concepts until our abdomen can again pulsate with the Earth itself, the very place where all reasoning subsides and renews itself. 

Artists: Irina Birger (RU/NL) Jasper Griepink (NL) Kleoni Manoussakis (GR) Dimple B Shah (IN) A k u z u r u (TT). Lecturer: Fons Elders (NL)

Click here to read a review of the event in Metropolis M (Dutch art magazine).

Also here is the 'Artist Talk' I gave on the friday night.


Date - 14 to 16.09.2018
Event: Performance Art Event (PAE), Nina Boas
Performance & make-up: Jasper Griepink
Costumes: Alexandra Hageman & Jasper Griepink
Hair: Casa Sonadora
Photos: Konstantin Guz, MADS
Video: Peter Franken (Weitblick films)

Thank you
PAE, Zone2Source, Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund Noord-Holland,
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Stichting Stokroos, Stichting Trickster
Thank you also CBK Rotterdam for supporting my ongoing research
Thank you other artists, and the park... Thank you Park!