Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory. Permaculture ASAP. (2017)

A Futuristic Pagan performer was intimate with the Trees and Greens in a city center for approximately 2-hours.
During their appearance a hand-out was distributed, which features a textual piece by Jasper Griepink (see below images).
Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory. Permaculture ASAP. is recorded in Eindhoven and was featured in an exhibition at Onomatopee.
Below are video-stills and images of the text piece. The video was also a part of LeGuessWho? 2020 in Utrecht and part of
the online presentation of ZERO FOOTPRINT | IMPAKT Festival 2020, by IMPAKT in Utrecht.

Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory. Permaculture ASAP. was produced for WE ARE THE MARKET, a project by Onomatopee,
which consisted of alternative markets that flush the public space of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Date - 04.11.2017
Artist - Jasper Griepink
Publisher/Host - Onomatopee
Curator - Freek Lomme
Assistant - Josh Plough
Film/Edit/Camera - Lucy Nixon
Graphic design riso-print: Mook Attanath

Thank You
Stimulerings Fonds Creatieve Industrie
Mondriaan Fonds | Provincie Noord-Brabant