This autumn, I'll share S T O N E O R G Y with you.  

A music performance ritual experience that comes as the result of a year-long research on Matriarchy, Language, Paganism & Power that began in summer last year. It took a while to translate my experiences at European Sacred Sites into a musical form of storytelling that could bring people to dance in emotional and orgiastic moshpits.  

Putting the earth back in our roots, so to speak.  

Together with my collaborator Giek_1, I created a contemporary sacred space that we can collectively access while we listen to music. You at home perhaps on Spotify. Or in the gym with your fav tunes. At a gig or tour perhaps. A live show with costumes, props, mud, soil and sweat soon. Do you see it? Yes, S T O N E O R G Y will feel familiar. Something new and ancient. Like your weekend but then ritually. It'll be fun.  

xx Love, Soul Venuxx

See this above trailer for more info on the project.

Also, feel very very free to reach out to book S T O N E O R G Y if you run/organize or host a venue, night or event. We are a musical, performative, interactive project engaging the current eco-political situation with words like dirt and samples from both the natural and electric world. Curious to hear our sound? Click the buttons below for tasters. Otherwise, stay tuned and we'll invite you to a gig soon.  


Thank you CBK Rotterdam and Fonds Kwadraat for support!