SWEAT VII : Temporary Autonomous Spa


Image: SWEAT VII at the Triënnale van Beetsterzwaag/Kunsthuis SYB.

SWEAT VII was a Temporary Autonomous Spa Resort situated in the wilderness that is rural Friesland. It was the first time the geometric dome was installed in the outdoors. SWEAT VII: TEMPORARY AUTONOMOUS SPA By bringing the joy and confrontation of the body to the fore in tangible and often straightforward ways SWEAT hopes to create a passage into a more healthy future. Both by working with interactive performance in which the audience plays a central role in the unfoldment of a work AND by focusing energy on the design, materials and placement of the his installments, Jasper attempts to coin new architectural and experiential spaces in which the definition of spending time together can be explored.


Throughout history heated spaces have been used as a place where healing takes place, meetings with spirit-life can be arranged and where the relationship of social and physical health can be experienced. The 7th installment of SWEAT featured a wood-heated sauna oven, a 5X5 meter wide wooden platform and new bathrobe kimonos designed by Janneke Raaphorst. Several Guest-Guru's and utmost awesome locals helped make SWEAT VII a reality. Thank you 'S', Anna van Milligen, Farmer Gjalt, Family Schoor-van der Loo, Kunsthuis SYB and Apart Interieur (for the impossible puzzle floor!).




SWEAT has no definite ending and hopes to continue its journey across artspaces and the great wide open.
Concept & Curated by: Jasper Griepink. Geodome, Textiles, Temple-wear: Janneke Raaphorst & Jasper Griepink
Photography: everyone