In elaborate performance & installation pieces, writing and international fieldwork I explore the skills and visions needed to create a healthy and abundant future. Through an examination of my fears, desires and fantasies as a (western) body looking for unity, romance and wisdom across the globe, I have tied a personal journey into the political realm of creative opportunities. In general, my projects have the aim of emancipating forms of behaviour, thinking, spirituality and furthermore try to evolve the eco-centric co-habition of the planetary spaceship. In art-works such as Laya Papaya Public Bath (2013) and SWEAT (2014–15), the body and skin of my audience was directly addressed as the ideal medium of knowledge and change. Both in these live interactive work as well as in my written work, I embody, re-dress and shapeshift through various roles of service such as being a host, priest, artist, beat, new-wave druid, provisional eco-activist, academic pirate and energetic body-worker. My latest novel, My Wavy Sarong (2016), explores what this ability to step outside a singular narrative/identity can mean for the world today. In most instances, I will invite your body, history and feelings into the creative process of my project. The aim of this is a bigger body of inter-subjective knowledge(s), shared reflection, grass-roots bonding amongst people and the exchange of personal remedies against separation, scarcity and global capitalism.

Next to being active in various ‘alternative’ communities across the world, I have received a Master of Fine Arts Degree (2013) at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. I obtained a Permaculture Design certificate (2016) at IMAP, Guatemala. Currently I am involved in a 4-year training of Intuitive Spiritual Psychotherapy, Essence and Inner Child Work. Please feel free to invite me for a creative project, talk, ceremony, research, session, collaboration.


Based in the Netherlands
jaspergriepink [at] gmail [dot] com