Black Virgin

'BLACK VIRGIN is the part of us which is denied, oppressed
The unaddressed and non-apologized, hidden from sight.
BLACK VIRGIN is clay Maria statue found in a Brazilian river.
BLACK VIRGIN is the dark portrait hidden in the cellars of cathedrals.
It is the s/he who now ushers in an era of the whole instead of just parts.
It is s/he who calls to us from the space beyond nations, religions, corporations and egos.
S/he is the looming face of the darkness that we are told to suppress
but which will pull us out of tribalism: out of our separations and into the cycle
of beginnings and endings as one folk. One body.
Scarred when a sister takes a hit, hurt when a brother dies.
'Eternal sunshine creates a desert, our Earth whispers,'
pointing at our species while we try to hide that we are
married to LIFE and DEATH like the fungi and the worms
to the undercroft of rainforests.'

BLACK VIRGIN (2016) is a 2000-word invocation of the BLACK VIRGIN and the consciousness of ecology and our collective inner-shadows. BLACK VIRGIN is a live-embodiment ritual in honor of a black Maria statue found in a Brazilian river in 1717. BLACK VIRGIN is a high-quality photo-series shot at ALTO Residency in Alto Paraiso de Goias, Brazil, 2014, during A Pilgrimage to the Soul. BLACK VIRGIN is a 150 ed. zine that has been circulating since early 2016. Thank you Rafael and Komala for your help documenting the ritual performance.
Booklet Design: Nuno Beijinho. Courtesy: ZERP gallery. 2016, Jasper Griepink.